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Slinky Third Drop*

Practice Time:



Warm up, Drop

10 Minutes


Warm up and improve your third shot drop, transition drop, and dinks through progressive movement and controlled play.

How the drill goes

Both players start at the non-volley zone (NVZ) line and begin by dinking the ball back and forth.

  1. Progression for Player 1:

    • Player 1 takes a step back after each successful drop shot, progressively moving from the NVZ line to the baseline.

    • As Player 1 moves back, they practice resetting the ball with controlled drop shots, maintaining accuracy and consistency.

    • Once Player 1 reaches the baseline, they work on executing a good third shot drop.

    • After a successful third shot drop, Player 1 moves forward one step at a time, practicing their transition to the NVZ line.

    • This continues until Player 1 is back at the NVZ line.

  2. Role for Player 2:

    • Player 2 starts at the NVZ line and practices dinking with Player 1.

    • As Player 1 moves back, Player 2 adjusts the pressure based on Player 1’s skill level to maintain a challenging yet cooperative rally.

    • Once Player 1 reaches the NVZ line again, Player 2 then begins their progression, moving back step by step and practicing their drops and resets.

This drill allows both players to work on their third shot drops, transition shots, and dinks, focusing on maintaining control and precision throughout the movement. The player at the net should adjust the pressure to match the skill level of the progressing player, ensuring a productive and challenging warm-up session.

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