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Hit and run (Lots of running)*

Practice Time:



Drive, Footwork

10 Minutes


Warm up your drives and practice both forehand and backhand.

How the drill goes

This drill will certainly get the blood flowing! Starting at the baseline, Player 1 hits the ball down the sideline to their counterpart, who returns a shot to the opposite corner. The first player then has to cross the court to return another shot down the sideline, and so on.

  1. Player 1:

    • Always hits the ball down the sideline.

    • After each shot, quickly moves to the opposite sideline to return the next shot.

  2. Player 2:

    • Always hits the ball cross-court.

    • Keeps the rally going by alternating shots between the opposite corners.

  3. Direction Change:

    • After 20 shots, players change the direction of the ball.

    • Player 1 begins hitting cross-court, and Player 2 hits down the sideline.

This drill involves a lot of running from corner to corner, making it excellent for improving footwork and conditioning. It also helps players practice long, accurate drives.

Remember the key steps: MOVE, SET, HIT. Move to the ball, set your feet, and hit. Failing to do any of the three will reduce the quality of your shot.

This drill is not only a great workout but also enhances your ability to execute accurate forehand and backhand drives under pressure.

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