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Dink along the NVZ*

Practice Time:



Warm up

10 Minutes


Warm up your dinks, enhance footwork, and practice defensive dinks.

How the drill goes

Both players start at the non-volley zone (NVZ) line at opposite sidelines. They begin dinking cross-court and, little by little, move together from one sideline to the other without stopping the dinking.

  1. Start at Opposite Sidelines:

    • Players position themselves at the NVZ line on opposite sidelines.

  2. Cross-Court Dinking:

    • Begin by dinking the ball cross-court, focusing on controlled and precise shots.

    • The goal is to keep the ball low and within the NVZ.

  3. Simultaneous Movement:

    • As they dink, both players move slowly and simultaneously towards the other sideline.

    • The movement should be steady and in sync, ensuring they maintain the rally.

  4. Focus on Defensive Dinks:

    • Emphasize controlled dinks that simulate defensive play, allowing both players to practice maintaining a rally under pressure.

    • Ensure footwork is smooth and deliberate, moving together without rushing.

This drill helps players warm up their dinks and footwork while simulating defensive scenarios. The controlled movement from one sideline to the other ensures that players practice maintaining consistency and precision in their dinks, improving their overall defensive play.

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