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Dink, Dink, Lob Combo!*

Practice Time:




10 Minutes


Develop the ability to combine dinks with a strategic lob to catch your opponent off guard.

How the drill goes

Both players start at the non-volley zone (NVZ) line, facing each other.

  1. Dinking:

    • Players begin by dinking the ball back and forth, maintaining a controlled rally.

    • Focus on keeping the ball low and within the NVZ.

  2. Lob Execution:

    • After a few good dinks, Player 1 (the driller) executes a high lob over Player 2's (feeder) head.

    • Player 2 looks back to see where the lob landed but does not attempt to retrieve it (in a real game, their partner would handle this).

  3. Observation and Deception:

    • Player 1 should observe Player 2’s body position and weight distribution.

    • The lob is more effective after a short dink that forces the opponent to lean forward.

    • The lob is also more deceptive if Player 1 maintains consistent body language, making it appear as though another dink is coming.

  4. Reset and Repeat:

    • After the lob, Player 1 runs to get the lobbed ball, resets, and both players start again from the NVZ.

Key Points:

  • Use short dinks to draw your opponent forward, setting up the lob.

  • Maintain consistent body language to deceive your opponent.

  • Practice observing your opponent’s positioning to time the lob effectively.

This drill helps players develop a strategic combination of dinks and lobs, improving their ability to challenge opponents and create opportunities during a match. By practicing this sequence, players can enhance their offensive play and keep their opponents guessing.

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