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Come Up Drill*

Practice Time:



Defensive Play, Offensive Play, Transition

10 Minutes


One player practices transitioning to the net while the other practices keeping their opponent from reaching the net.

How the drill goes

Player 1 stays at the non-volley zone (NVZ) line and serves cooperative balls, simulating a return to serve. Player 2 starts at the baseline and simulates a third shot. After Player 2 returns the serve, the ball is live.

  1. Net Player (Player 1):

    • Player 1 aims to keep Player 2 at the baseline by hitting deep, controlled shots.

    • The goal is to maintain pressure and prevent Player 2 from approaching the NVZ line.

  2. Baseline Player (Player 2):

    • Player 2 works on transitioning to the net, starting with a third shot drop.

    • The transition is done in steps: advance with the first shot, then progressively with each successful drop shot.

    • Player 2 should stop moving and stabilize their position each time Player 1 hits the ball, lowering their body to cover as much court as possible.

    • Focus on resetting the ball with each shot, ensuring the point of contact is in front of their body for better control.

The drill continues with both players engaging in strategic play: Player 1 trying to keep Player 2 back, and Player 2 working their way forward. The game ends when Player 1 reaches 7 points or Player 2 reaches 11 points. This drill emphasizes strategic movement, shot placement, and controlled transitions, crucial for effective net play and defense.

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