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Reset an offensive wide *

Defensive Play

Reset an offensive wide *

Practice defending against wide, tough dinks.

Players are positioned across from each other at the non-volley zone (NVZ) line.

  1. Player 1 (Feeder):

    • Initiates by sending the first dink towards the sideline.

    • Follows up with a second dink wide towards the middle line.

  2. Player 2 (Driller):

    • Responds to the first dink and holds their ground at the NVZ line.

    • Anticipates the challenging second dink and moves quickly to the middle line to reset the dink.

  3. Repetition:

    • Player 1 continues to alternate dinks between the sideline and the middle line.

    • Player 2 practices moving accordingly, focusing on resetting each wide dink.

The goal is to practice MOVE, PAUSE, HIT. It's crucial to understand the relationship between space and time, recognizing that good footwork provides more time than you might think, which allows for executing higher-quality shots.

This drill helps develop the ability to maintain composure and control when faced with challenging dinks, improving overall defensive skills at the NVZ.

Austin Svenon

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