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Double-Triple Drive*

Offensive Play, Drive

Double-Triple Drive*

Practice an offensive transition from the baseline to the net using consecutive drive shots.

Player 1 stays at the non-volley zone (NVZ) line and serves cooperative balls, simulating a return to serve. Player 2 starts at the baseline and simulates a drive third shot.

  1. Net Player (Player 1):

    • Player 1 blocks the initial drive shot from Player 2.

    • Continues to block each drive, aiming to control and reset the ball to maintain the rally.

  2. Baseline Player (Player 2):

    • Player 2 starts with a drive third shot, aiming to force a response from Player 1.

    • After each drive, Player 2 drives again, maintaining an offensive approach.

    • The goal is to continue driving the ball until they reach the net, simulating an aggressive offensive transition.

    • Focus on maintaining control and accuracy with each drive, progressively moving closer to the NVZ with each shot.

This drill continues with Player 2 driving repeatedly, working their way to the net while Player 1 focuses on blocking and controlling the drives. This exercise is excellent for practicing aggressive play, transitioning offensively from the baseline to the net, and improving drive shot accuracy and consistency.

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