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Defensive Dink Drill*

Defensive Play

Defensive Dink Drill*

Practice resetting the ball from an offensive dink to neutralize the point.

Both players are positioned at the non-volley zone (NVZ) line, facing each other.

  1. Player 1 (Feeder):

    • Feeds offensive dinks, moving the ball from side to side to challenge Player 2.

  2. Player 2 (Driller):

    • Focuses on resetting the ball with soft, short dinks aimed towards the middle area of the NVZ.

    • Practices three different ways to respond:

      1. Take the Ball Out of the Air: Use quick reflexes to intercept the dink before it bounces.

      2. Quick Pick-Up: Swiftly scoop the ball up from the bounce to reset it.

      3. Use Legs to Give Space: Move back slightly to create space, allowing time to wait, set, and hit the ball with control.

Key Points:

  • Emphasize using your legs rather than your arms to maintain control and stability.

  • Practice all three types of resets to become versatile in handling offensive dinks.

  • Focus on keeping the ball low and in the middle of the NVZ to neutralize your opponent's attack.

This drill helps develop the skills needed to effectively reset aggressive dinks and regain control of the rally. By practicing different responses, players enhance their defensive capabilities and improve their overall gameplay at the NVZ.

Austin Svenon

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