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3rd shot “drip"*


3rd shot “drip"*

Practice an offensive 3rd shot drop to create opportunities that enable an efficient advancement to the NVZ

Player 1 feeds the ball from the NVZ line, while Player 2 practices their 3rd shots with an offensive focus.

  1. Feeding and Positioning:

    • Player 1 stands at the NVZ line and feeds the ball to Player 2.

    • Player 2 starts at the baseline, aiming to hit an offensive 3rd shot drop.

  2. Executing the 3rd Shot Drop:

    • The goal is to deliver a low, “heavy” drop shot that lands in the opponent's kitchen area.

    • Focus on aligning your head, paddle, and left big toe in a straight line.

    • Strike the ball below its apex, keeping the paddle low and adding some spin to the shot.

    • This technique is particularly effective when the opponent has not yet advanced to the net.

  3. Adjusting Drop Shots:

    • In situations where the opponent is at the net, opt for a higher and shorter drop that lands two-thirds deep in the kitchen area.

    • Practice both types of drops to be versatile in different game scenarios.

Key Points:

  • Align head, paddle, and left big toe in a straight line for consistency.

  • Strike the ball at the descending trajectory and add spin to make the drop shot more effective.

  • Adjust the height and depth of the drop shot based on the opponent's position.

This drill helps players develop a strong offensive 3rd shot drop, allowing them to create opportunities to advance to the NVZ more efficiently. Practicing the key body mechanics and shot adjustments ensures that players can effectively execute this technique in various game situations.

Austin Svenon

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