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Session two: Downward Facing Dog

Second day of practice: Recover the Ujjayii breath, build the internal heat, review Surya Namaskar A before we add new things ...

Practice today was great. The room was a little colder, but the amount of movement made up for it. We started reviewing what we learn last week, always paying attention to the sound of our breathing.

We moved relatively quickly to add new movements and worked with a partner on adjusting our downward Facing Dog position. This position although I am sure it can be improved, didn't result too difficult.

The second flow we learn today known as Surya Namaskar B or Sun Salutation 2, was quite challenging. You start firing up your legs in Utkatasana AKA Chair or Fierce Pose and you add the strong standing pose, Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I).

The most difficult for me was to keep the breathing and match the breathing with sequence, since it is necessary to elongate the exhale to include more than one movements.

It was again an enjoyable experience and I am looking forward to many more.

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