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First Day: Ujjayi Breathing Technique

Although I have taken several Yoga classes prior to my first practice with Jennifer DeMarco, this was the first time I understood the breathing technique and the importance of interior heat building. I was able to feel both the energizing and relaxing intention of the breathing.

I certainly enjoyed the pace of the class, the explanations of the movements, the positions and the intentions.

I appreciated the time analyzing the details such as the position of our toes, and the alignment of hips, knees and feet and I learned about the at-all-times required tension on our legs and arms (simulating holding the block)

The sun salutation is one of my favorite relaxing routine. During our first practice we received the guidance to perform the routine maintaining the breathing and the tension, what it made the flow incredibly energizing as well.

It was surprisingly easy to find the emotional space for the practice and neither the amount of people or the big space prevented the group to work together as a unit.

The most challenging portion for me was to control the mind, silence all the thoughts about the outside and be present. But I hope practice brings me closer and closer to that meditation state.

Looking forward to next class.


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